How To Position Eggs In An Incubator

Positioning eggs in an incubtor depends on the type of incubator and whether or not you are using an automatic egg turner.

Hi i was just wandering how do i position chicken eggs in an incubator do i lie
them down or can you leave them standing up like the point of the egg pointing

Hi Shane,

You can lay the eggs on their side in the incubator and if you mark one side in pencil with a cross and one side with an 0 then when you are turning the eggs you will know which side to turn onto next. it is recommended that you turn the eggs 3 or 5 times a day if you don’t have an automatic egg turner. Some turners are just rollers that roll the eggs over on their side and some are trays that tilt the eggs from side to side. My egg turner is a tray that requires that the eggs be placed with the point facing downwards.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends

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  1. When I need a higher humidity level, I cut up a few sponges (new,clean) and place them in the bottom of the tray in addition to the water trays. If the sponges are always moist it’s usually fine if not I might have to add water a couple times a day to keep them moist. Good luck!

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