Mischievous Piglets Lock Owner In Barn!

If anyone tells you that pigs are not intelligent then I wouldn’t believe them. Since I have been keeping pigs in the last year I have witnessed many things that lead me to believe that pigs are intelligent. (I’ll leave them for another post!)

I have 7 remaining piglets that are nearly 11 weeks old. Since birth Blacky Leftfoot has been inquisitive and curious and not afraid to lead the other piglets into mischief. He has always been first at the door or following behind me when I’ve been carrying a bag or bucket. He just seems to know where the action is!

He seems to love the plastic feed bags and if I happen to place a feed bag on the floor he will soon pick it up and carry it around with him or have alittle wrestle with it. When I want to move my piglets from one barn to another I will shake an empty feed bag and the piglets dash off into the other barn. Blacky however is becoming immune to this method of movement as he loikes to play with the bags. It is funny when he gets on and starts running around the barn, all the other piglets think that they need to dash off to the other barn. maybe soon I can get Blacky to herd the rest of the piglets where I want them!

Anyway back to Mischievous Piglets Lock Owner In Barn! On Sunday, as I did my evening muck out and feeding routine of the sows and piglets, whilst waiting for a courier to deliver 100 quail, the piglets managed to lock me in the barn. The barn is separated into 2 – the outer barn is where I keep the food and let the piglets have a run around whilst I muck out their pen. The inner barn consists of 2 pens, one for the sows and one for the piglets. When I go into muck out the sow I have to keep the piglets in the outer barn otherwise they will be in with the sows causing mayhem. I have to lock the top bolt as I go in otherwise the piglets would open the barn door with their snouts. So on Sunday after I had done a quick muck out of the sows, i turned to the barn door and unbolted the top bolt which I can just manage to reach over the top of the door. I went to open the door but it wouldn’t budge. When I looked over the top I could see some of the piglets pushing and sniffing at the door. It was then that I realised that one of the mischievous piglets had pushed the bottom bolt with his snout. The only trouble was I couldn’t reach the bottom bolt and secondly there wasn’t anyway of climbing over the barn door. I called out, “Is anyone there, can anyone help me?” But the sound of tumbleweed echoed in my ears, well it would have done if the piglets hadn’t been making so much noise with their excited and mischievous play. It was at that moment I realised that I didn’t have my mobile and there was no way out. This wouldn’t normally have bothered me but I knew that any minute now the courier could arrive with 100 quail which I had been waiting for. I tried asking the piglets to push on the bolt, but their intelligence suddenly seemed to have disappeared! So what did I do, well I kicked the door and thankfully the bolt came loose and I managed to get out, so all was well and I was there to greet the lovely pretty cream coloured quail that arrived an hour later.
I couldn’t tell the piglets off as I thought the incident was funny. Well looking back it was!

Have you ever been locked in or out of somewhere by an animal?