Problems With Peachicks Hatching

Hatching poultry, game bird and waterfowl eggs is not easy as Sylvia and I well know.

I have lost 3 peachicks so far. They are pecking out but they seems so weak. They have never stood and they just die. They are fully developed but I much be doing something wrong. Could someone help me?

Hi Sylvia,
Thanks for visiting my site and leaving this comment. I am sorry to hear about your peachicks. it is terrible when you see the chicks have hatched and gone to all that effort of piiping the egg shell and then they don’t make it. You are certainly not alone in experiencing this as I have experienced this with guinea fowl and ducks.
I don’t have much experience myself with peachicks but I can say that there are a number of reasons why chicks hatch and then die if they have hatched in an incubator.
Temperature incorrect – check the correct temperature for different birds and at different stages of incubation.
Humidity incorrect – check the correct humidity for different birds and at different stages of incubation.
Improper ventilation – make sure incubator is positioned carefully.
Infection or disease – disease may come from the breeding stock so check that the breeding stock are healthy. Ensure that the incubator is thoroughly cleaned before each use.
Sylvia you do not say if the eggs are in an incubator, if they are it sounds like they are struggling to get out and then are too weak to survive. Click on the link for details about hatching peafowl eggs.
Are they hatching early, late or on time as this could affect why they are not surviving?
If you peachicks are hatching under a hen then ensure that the chicks have access to food and water, although chicks can survive over 24 hours without food and water as they still have their food sac from inside the egg, the sooner they get food and water the stronger they will get. If you do have access to the peachicks then you may want to try to get them to drink something by holding them to the water and food if they are too waek to stand themselves.
I hope this information is useful. Good luck with the rest of the hatch. Let me know how you get on.
Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends

I am thrilled that Syliva has replied to my email;

Thank you so much for answering several question I had. Yes I am using a incubator. I watch temp very carefully and I turn my eggs often. I feel my greatest mistake is I didn’t stop turning on day 25 for my peachicks and I might have turned them away from the feed sac. One reason they are so weak and they are perfectly formed but they just die after peacking out and never even stand up. I am going to try and these last 9 do better but I have a problem not knowing which ones are ready to be left unturned on 25. My husband and I just put them in as she layed them and this is not good. I had hatched 19 chickens week before and so now I have to run this on till at least 28 more days. I guess I am saying we didn’t take this serious enough and made mistakes. If I turn them to much will they slip in egg and loose out where the feed sac is??? I am used too chickens and they ofcourse fees from their rectum. Well maybe by being careful and praying alot I can try and get these 9 which are left hatch. I sure have learnt alot. Like marking with crayon. Again thank you Sylvia

If you have any experience of hatching peachicks and can offer Sylvia any advice, then please leave a comment.

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  1. Hi Gina,

    Thanks for visiting the farmingfriends website. I don’t have experience of hatching peachicks, I have only hatched guinea fowl keet, quail and ducks!

    My advice is to keep them incubating for at least 7 days after incubation date and I would also candle the eggs to see the development in the shell.

    I have added you question to the forum here

    Good luck with the hatch and let us know how they get on.

    Kind regards
    sara @ farmingfriends

  2. my 3 peacock eggs are three days late hatching i have them in an incubator. should i just discard them? how long should i wait?

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