Saddleback Pig In 1953

Here is a photograph of my father in law with his Saddleback pig back in 1953. They are standing in front of the brick piggery which was located in the backyard area of their house in the centre of York.

My father in law and his father had Saddleback pigs for a number of years, but the farm has not had pigs for the last 25 to 30 years until I bought my 2 Saddleback sows last year (June 2007).

My husband’s family think that it is funny that we getting all the animals that Hugo (my husband’s grandfather) once had on the farm. I am sure that Hugo would have been thrilled that Saddlebacks are now back on the farm and I am sure that he would have enjoyed teaching me all about breeding and raising them, so I dedicate this post to Hugo whose memory lives on in with the return of his favourite animals.

If you have any old farming photos or memories that you would like to share then please leave a comment.