Saddlebacks Painted As A Gift

Saddleback Sows In WatercolourI recently left my teaching career after 12 years to spend more time working on the farm and building up a speciality egg business. It was strange leaving the school where I got my first job, but the time was right and I have been extremely busy since leaving.

I do miss seeing all my friends although I was overwhelmed at the gifts I was given by the staff. My friend Sarah painted my Saddleback sows Cagney and Lacy. I think she did this from memory or else she snook round when I wasn’t in to get a peek at the girls.

When Sarah gave me this gift my eyes filled up as this was such a personal and thoughtful gift. Sarah obviously realised how much my animals mean to me, infact I think the whole staff realised because the “Happy Book” they presented me with that included fond farewell messages and poems, predominantly mentioned the animals I would be looking after. I didn’t realise just how much I’d spoken about guinea fowl and pigs until I read my “Happy BooK! ”