Wandering Animals

You just never know what animal you might see pass by the window of our farmhouse. Since moving to the farm in 2004 we have had a runaway bullock, numerous calves and cows wandering about in the yard when they were not supposed to, a rat scuttle across the yard following the farm inspector!, stray cats, pheasants, rabbits, partridges and on Monday, just as I was on the phone, a sheep wandered past the window. These days I don’t even bat an eyelid at the sight of a stray animal in the yard.

The sheep, a ewe, belonged to a neighbour and it took three of us to walk, or should I say run her into the pen, (the running was the sheep’s choice and not mine!). The sheep had jumped the fence at the back of our farm and wandered across our back field and into our yard. We don’t know why she left her field as she has a lamb and the electric fence was still on and working. Anyway the ewe was returned to the neighbour and she hasn’t reappeared yet.

When my father-in-law saw the sheep he said, “You’re not going into sheep now are you?”

Do you have any funny stories of runaway animals, if so I would love to hear them so please leave a comment about your wandering animal?!

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