Will Campbell Ducks Hatch Their Eggs?

I recently received an email from Terry asking if his White Campbell duck was likely to sit on her eggs until they hatched, as he had been told that they are not good sitters.

Hi Sara,
I have 2 white campbell ducks m+f, the female is sitting on 10 eggs, what are the chances of her seeing the eggs through to hatching? i am asking this as I was told Campbells do not hatch their eggs very often,as they were developed as egg layers. Is this true?
Many thanks Terry

Hi Terry,

I am afraid that I don’t have experience of ducks incubating eggs myself but I have been reading Starting With Ducks by Katie Thear who says,”Domestic ducks are not generally regarded as good mothers, although my experience, they are better from their second year. Even some of my khaki Campbells acquitted themselves well, but refused to consider making nests anywhere other than under the hedge in the field.” She goes on to say that “A broody duck will sit tight on her nest, hissing at anyone who tries to dieturb her. She is less likely to be put off if she is reasonably tame.”
I think that I would make sure that your duck is protected from predators and that she is not disturbed by anything if that is possible, so that she is not inclined to leave her nest un-necessarily. I would also try to get an incubator organised (if you have one or know someone who does) and on standby because if she does leave the nest for more than the usual stretch of the legs and drink/feed then you have an alternative way of hatching the eggs. You could also see if anyone you know has a broody hen and then if your duck decides to leave the eggs you could put them under a broody hen as they generally have good success rates at hatching eggs.
I hope this information is helpful.

Kind regards

Sara from farmingfriends

If anyone has experience of Campbell ducks hatching eggs or leaving the nest then please leave a comment.
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