Automatic Electric Egg Turners

I want to hatch some eggs, are automatic egg turners better. also if you do get an automatic egg turner, can you not be in the house for a few day, like go on holiday? Bethan

Hi Bethan,
An automatic egg turner is useful if you don’t have time to turn the eggs yourself everyday. Eggs need to be turned at least 4 times a day so this can be very time consuming. An automatic egg turner saves you this time.
The egg turner is powered by electricity so as long as there isn’t a powercut, you can leave the egg turner running while you are away on holiday.
I have the Automatic Electric Egg Turner by GQF Manufacturing. This holds 42 eggs from quail to duck eggs and moves the eggs from side to side at regular intervals throughout the day.
Hope this information is useful.
Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends