Day Old Guinea Fowl Keets Sold

On Wednesday my new farming friend Sallyanne visited with her husband Peter and bought three of my guinea fowl keets. The keets were only a couple of days old. Sallyanne chose the keets and placed them in a box with air holes in the top for the journey to their smallholding. Inside the box Sallyanne had placed straw and some chick crumbs.

I am delighted that the keets arrived back at their new home doing well.

Dear Sara,

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that we got home safe and sound.  We transferred the Keets to a larger box, placed next to the Aga with food and water and after they had a little sleep to get over the journey they have been moving about and eating and drinking (Phew!)  When the sun goes down this evening we will pop them under my broody Silkie and remove the “false” eggs.  Then we just hope she will be fooled and start taking care of them when they wake tomorrow.  I will be very anxious until I have seen them settled.

It was really lovely to meet you and see your adult Guineas. They are even more brilliant than I thought they would be.  Thank you for introducing me to the world of Gunieas.  Your advice has been invaluable.  Also, thank you so much for the Quail eggs – that was very kind of you.  Peter and I will enjoy those very much.

I will keep you posted over the coming days to let you know how my new children are coming along.  In the meantime I have attached a few snaps of the babes in their temporary box home.

Very best wishes

As Sallyanne says in her email, the intention is to introduce the keets to their broody silkie and see if she takes to them. I’ll keep you posted.