New Hens Arrive On Farm

My friends and neighbours Rob and Margaret have 16 laying hens, however they wanted to find a new home for the hens so you guessed it they have arrived on our farm.

On Friday morning I went to collect them. Rob had locked them in their hut for the night although 2 had managed to do an escaping act and were running round their run. Rob carried the hens to the crates and then we popped them in the crates. One of the escaping hens was caught easily but the other dived into a thick nettle bush and every time Rob went to get her she disappeared. At the moment I am waiting for the 16th hen to arrive on the farm but the other 15 hens have all settled in well and have even started to lay in their new hut.

I kept them in their hut for the rest of Friday and Saturday but they will be allowed to free range from Sunday. I will post some photos of the new hens soon.