Saddleback Weaners Move To Smallholding

A couple of weeks ago Sue contacted me wanting a couple of Saddleback weaners to fatten up.

She came and chose the two piglets and they are now happily living on Sue’s smallholding as the video clip demonstrates.

It was great to hear how the weaners are getting on.

Hello Sara,
Thanks for all this info – most useful. Piggies are doing really well and growing and having just the best time in their large outdoor playpen! Eating really well (like Pigs actually!) and very fussy, falling at our feet to have their tummies tickled and backs scratched! I have attached a short video clip, shot off my digital stills camera to amuse you – we still claim to have not given them names, more like labels in the form of ‘Sausage’ (no 18 with the larger saddle like his Mum ‘Cagney’) and ‘Bacon’ the better visual confirmation for meat pig out of your ‘Lacy’ but that could all change in time (bet it was your Stephen’s idea to name your two after female Cop ‘Pigs’?!?)
My husband rang me during the week to enquire “which sun cream and factor-15 or 30?” to apply to ‘Sausages’ pink saddle when we had those two hot days in succession this week and the Piggies had chosen to sunbathe rather than use my nice Wallow – it’s nice to know he cares!
Enjoy the clip attached (let me know if you can’t open or play?) and I’ll be in touch again.

Sue's Saddleback Weaner

Hello Sara,

Can’t believe how much they have grown in just a couple of weeks (see for your self in attached photo). They are lots of fun and spend a large part of their day wrestling each other – it’s interesting that the smaller one – ‘sausage’ (who isn’t much smaller now!) is the trouble maker and always starts the Wrestling bouts. We are serious Self Sufficient vegetable gardeners so a large part of their diet is coming out of our garden currently in the form of Cauliflower outer leaves which they love.

I look forward to hearing more about Sausage and Bacon’s encounters on Sue’s smallholding.

Raising and breeding pigs on my farm has allowed me to connect with like minded people like Sue, which makes farming more interesting.