Splayed Legs In Quail

Splayed legs are when a chicks legs are not in line correctly but splayed out making movement difficult.

“I have 17 2 day old quail chicks and all seem well, eating and drinking.  2 of
the chicks have very splayed legs and are unable to stand.  How long should I
leave them before making a decision?  Is there anything one can do to help them
get their legs under them?” Sara

Hi Sara,

Thanks for your enquiry. Glad to hear most of your quail are healthy but sorry to hear about the 2 with splayed legs.

Make sure that the litter you are using in your brooder have good traction. I tend to use chopped up straw to start with so that the quail or guinea fowl don’t think that it is food like they do with sawdust.

You can strap/splint the legs so that they come back into line. This can be done with pipe cleaners, elastic bands or probably best of all an elastaplast bandaid.

I have found a great article that shows you how to splint the chick. Here is the link

I would recommend splinting the chicks as soon as possible to help their legs re-align.

Let me know how you get on and good luck.

Kind regards


I was pleased to receive this reply from Sara:

“Thanks so much for the info and the amazingly speedy response.  Will go and band aid the legs right now. Most impressed by the response.  How do I join your farming friends? Sara” Then this morning (Wednesday) I received great news about the quail, “Great success with the splay legs cure.  Highly recommend it to anyone who has similar problems.  Can’t thank you enough for the info.  Lost one chick yesterday, it hadn’t looked quite right but seemed active, eating and drinking although it did lay with its legs stretched out behind when sleeping.”

If you have any experience of curing or preventing splayed legs in quail chicks or any type of chick then please leave a comment.

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  1. I have used the band aid technique with great success in my bantam chicks, always works! Glee in Calif.

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