What To Do If Poultry Eggs Don’t Hatch On Due Date

If poultry eggs don’t hatch on their due date then I will leave them in the incubator or under the broody hen for up to a week after the hatching date.

hi ive got three eggs in my incubator(rcom) and they were due for monday but one came early then no more have came and its now wednesday should I crack the egg open to see if its alive or should I wait(are fertile)Aaron

Hi Aaron,
I always leave eggs in the incubator for at least a week after the hatching date to see if anymore pip their shells and hatch out, as the eggs can sometimes be late in hatching. So if I was you I wouldn’t crack the egg open just yet. Once an extra week has gone by then I turn off the incubator and crack the eggs to see if they were fertile.
Hope that helps. Let me know how you got on.
Sara @ farmingfriends

What do you do if poultry eggs don’t hatch on the due date?

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  1. Hi Kandy,

    Hope your eggs have hatched by now. You are right you stop turning the eggs 3 days before they are due to hatch.

    If eggs are late you can leave them in the incubator for another week or 10 days to see if they hatch. Have you candled the eggs?

    Let us know how you get on.

    Just to let you know that I have a forum which has lots of friendly poultry keepers on it. http://farmingfriends.com/forums/

    Kind regards

  2. my chicken eggs was suppose to hatch thrusday. may 5th they havent hatched yet and what i have read was up to the 18th day you dont rotate them. so please help need more advise. if you dont rotate them now will it kill the babys? or what should i do now..

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