4 Week Old Guinea Fowl Keets

Well my guinea fowl keets are now four weeks old (in the picture they are 1 week old). Time flies by. The keets are growing well. I have now taken to switching the lamp off during the day. Their feathers have really developed and they are attempting to fly.

Week Old Guinea Fowl Keets
Week Old Guinea Fowl Keets

Now that the guinea fowl are four weeks old and are growing, the space in the hut is reducing per bird and as the floor litter builds up with more droppings it is even more important to have good hygiene. At this stage it is important to regularly clean the hut out and change the litter so the litter doesn’t get too soiled or damp as this can harbour disease. 

Once the guinea fowl keets no longer need the lamp on, I intend to transfer the keets to the poultry barn. On transfer I intend to keep them in the barn within a run so that they can get used to their new environment and the other poultry and vice versa before they are released to free range.

If you keep guinea fowl and want to ask a question to get some advice or just to chat about your guinea fowl then why not join the free farmingfriends guinea fowl forum.

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