Candling Quail Eggs

It is difficult to candle quail eggs because of the dark markings on the shell.

Hi Sara,

This is my first time trying to hatch eggs. It seems to be going good but I can not candle the speckled eggs. It is almost hatch time and it seems the eggs weigh more. Can you tell by weight if the eggs have grown embryos in them? It is only 3 days from hatch day. Thanks


Hi Denver,
I don’t usually candle my eggs and didn’t candle the quail which are hard to do anyway. I have done a bit of research after receiving your comment and have found that Katie Thear who has written Keeping Quail doesn’t bother candling quail eggs as they are difficult to candle and have a short incubation period so that it is hardly worthwhile candling the eggs. Michael Roberts author of Quail, Past & Present says that alot of commercial quail farmers don’t bother to candle the eggs. Michael’s book also states that if candling it is important to be careful not to overheat the egg.
You also mention the weight of your eggs feel heavier. I noticed when I hatched duck eggs and guinea fowl eggs that the eggs which are heavier generally have a chick inside. This is a comparison of weight between the eggs.
I have also read that an egg usually has a weight loss during incubation so if you weigh your eggs at the start of incubation and then throughout and the eggs are losing weight this is often a sign that the air sac is increasing as the chick develops. This is a comparison of a particular eggs weight.
I hope that your chicks have successfully hatched out by now and are doing well.
Let me know how you are getting on.
Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends

If you have any tips on candling quail eggs then please leave a comment.

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  1. Well, as you noticed, if it did hatch it was way earlier than the chickens and its very likely to be crushed. Sounds like a Controux quail.

  2. Hey
    Yesterday i put five hen eggs under one of my hens, but i also put a quail egg under, just to try it. I was wondering if anybody knew if a quail egg will hatch under a hen.
    Ps. i don’t know the breed of the quail egg but they are brown with white spots and curvy beakes.

  3. I certainly do not bother candling but I do not use any humidity in the incubator and I havefound my hatch rates incre. I always used to get disappointing hatching rates using humidty recomended by Thear. A tip from the lady from whom I buy my fertile eggs suggested not using humidity and my hatch rates increased. Is this a confusing business?

    You may have already checked out this site

  4. Hi Tony,
    Thanks for visiting farmingfriends and leaving your comment. Unfortunately I don’t know the weight of a button quail egg at day one. If you have continued to weigh the eggs daily then you may be able to work out the average daily loss. eg you say they now weigh 6 grams if on day 10 they weigh 5.5grams then you would do 6 take 5.5 divided by 6 and times by 100 to get the percentage =18.18r weight loss divided by 10 days=1.818181times this by number of hatch days 1.818181 times by 17 =30.9% percentage weightloss which is too much. Quail need to lose between 11-13% weight loss
    Have you tried candling the eggs?
    Good luck with the hatch. let me know how you get on.
    Kind regards
    sara @ farmingfriends

  5. im trying to find out if my button quail eggs are fertile i was ment to weigh them from day 1 but i started at day 5 and they are 6 grams now does that mean there is a chick inside if u know wot weight they start at please

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