Duck Only Sitting On Eggs At Night

I have a white Pekin duck(female) amd a brown male duck of unknown origin. The female recently layed 9 eggs in a nest she made in the doghouse. She sits on them every night but goes away in the day. Is there any chance of the eggs hatching? I think it is odd that she only sits on them at night, she goes and does other things in the day.
If you could please help it would be very appreciated. Veronica

Hi Veronica,
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My initial thoughts are that the eggs probably won’t hatch if she is only sitting on them at night as they will be too cold during the day.
How long have the eggs been there, because if it is under a week then she may decide to sit on them full time and eggs can be stored for up to a week before incubation. Is she also still laying eggs in this nest because if she is it maybe that she hasn’t finished laying the clutch that she wants.
If the eggs have been there for less than a week then is it possible to stop your duck from leaving the doghouse and then she may sit on the eggs all day and night. If you are not able to do this and you think that the eggs maybe fertile and that they are less than a week old then you could try incubating them in an incubator or under a broody hen if you have one or know someone who has one who would oblige.
I hope this information is useful. Let me know what you decide.
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If anyone has any experience of ducks only sitting at night then please leave a comment.

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  1. I have a mallard duck that laid eggs right next to the front door of my house!!! There are only 5 eggs and my momma duck is doing the same thing. She is leaving in the afternoon to find food and hang out with the daddy duck but only sitting on the eggs at night and early morning. I have a bird feeder out back which is why they came by in the first place. I am near a small pond which they also hang out in in the afternoon.

    The really bad thing is that I have a small cocker spaniel. She is super frisky and has yet to notice the eggs or the ducks but it will only be a matter of time. I believe she laid these eggs wednesday night. Any advice about how I should go about keeping momma duck and her eggs safe other than chaining up my dog (which she would absolutely hate!!)?

  2. the 26 days then actually just started now that she is sitting full time? i didint want to get to close to the nest , to count eggs when she was coming and going as i didint want her not to come back. but on saturday i peeked with a long stick ,to sort of lift the covering ( i didnt want my scent there,) and there a ton of eggs now, ill bet 10 -12 easily. .now she has been there full time since sunday morning ( its tuesday ) and she is really hunkered down now too.
    one more question, does she sneak away to eat, and drink? i dont want to put food near her for fear of predators. but i have seen her go to the ground below my nieghbors feeder. before she was sitting full time tho do they eat or go into some sort of trance? thats a long time to sit on a nest!!!! i do talk to her very quietly and and she is calm, doesnt seem frigthened of me. she is so beautiful thanks ! ~lorna~

  3. Hi Lorna,
    Thanks for your question.
    Mallard duck eggs take about 26 and a half to 27 days to hatch.
    Where there 10-12 when she was getting off the eggs or have there been the same amount since you noticed her? if when she was getting off the nest there were not as many, then now that she is sitting full time this may be it for the next 26 ish days. I am afraid that I don’t have experience of a sitting ducks behaviour as I have only incubated duck eggs in an incubator. I will post your question on my forum as I am getting some interest about mallard ducks.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

  4. hi, i have a momma duck sitting on about 10 -12 eggs, in a scratch nest. she is in a safe place. i do not know how long she has been there. the first few days , i noticed her , she would leave for a couple hours, now she is sitting on them almost full time… and yesterday all day. i know nothing about ducks, is she getting close to hatching them? i dont want to miss the hatching. i know is says that mallards will have 10-12 eggs and it takes about a month to hatch them, im just wondering what a time frame is that i can understand. i do not know when this all started as she is so tucked in i dont know how i even saw her! thanks alot!

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