Grit For Quail

I received an email from one of my readers, Sara who wants to know at what age to give grit to quail.

Hi Sara, Me again!!!  More advice please, at what age should I start providing grit for my quail chicks?  They are 6 days old at the moment and eating liquidised chick crumb to reduce it to a powder. All seem very well, poop hasbeen well formed until today when I have noticed a few loose ones.  I of the splay leg chicks is now band aid free and fine the other has kept its band aid on so am leaving well alone for now.  Kind regards, Sara.

Hi Sara,
Grit is usually provided for two possible reasons:
1) If grains such as millet or chopped wheat are given, then the grit is needed to help grind up the grain.
2)Grit is required when egg production begins because at this stage the birds will require higher levels of calcium.
I have not read any where that states at what age to start giving grit but I would think that as they approach 6 weeks of age, when they begin egg production or when they are being fed grains would be a good time to start.
I only started to give my quail grit when they were laying as they eat layers pellets and  not whole grains.
Quail can be given cuttlefish like budgerigars and the budgerigar grit is also small enough for the quail.
Hope this info is useful. Glad to hear that your quail are doing well and that one of them has had the band aid removed.
As yours are still chicks you may want to give them chopped up egg or lettuce which quail
seem to enjoy.
Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends
If you have experience of giving grit to quail then I would like to hear from you.