Hugo House Quail Eggs

Hugo House Quail Eggs
Hugo House Quail Eggs

I now have over a hundred laying quail on the farm and as you can imagine I am really busy at the moment looking after the quail, collecting the eggs and trying to sell all the quail eggs.

My husband, Steve and I are really pleased with the packaging we have designed and the name Hugo House is after my husband’s Grandfather who was a butcher and farmer and lived on the farm that we now live on. Unfortunately I never got to meet Steve’s Grandad but I am sure that I would have loved him and wish that he could be here now to see all the animals that I have returned to the farm.
My brother-in-law thinks it’s funny how they spent years slowly getting rid of the animals his Grandad had and now I am bringing them back to the farm, he often wonders what animal will return next!
I am beginning to supply farmshops and delicatessens with my quail eggs as well as some pubs and restaurants.
Today I also managed to organise a pitch at a local Farmer’s Market so the third Saturday in September I will be calling out, “Roll up, roll up, get yer Hugo House Quail Eggs here!”

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  1. Hello….
    We actually sell quail eggs. Where did you made the package?
    can you share that info with us? we sell it to the local farm and friends…
    and we are not as big as you may be…. but still we put some labels on our packages….
    but this labels of yours is very interesting, and I would like to order some labels like that with our name of course…


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