Photograph Of The Month Competition – Entry 2 For August 2008

Jane from Urban Extension, has sent a picture of a a ringlet butterfly for the Farming Friends Foto of the Month Competition, so thanks Jane.

This is a picture I took on a friend of mine’s smallholding in Verwood, Dorset of a small Ringlet Butterfly on a Bramble Flower. I love the way it’s proboscis is curled up and it’s wings are edged with a fury tip. Bramble patches are often thought of as “scrub” but I always make a beeline for them.  This patch was covered in all different types of butterflies and bugs and I spent a good hour photographing them all (while getting scratched by the bramble!).

If you like taking photographs then why not enter our Farming Friends ‘Foto’ Of The Month Competition.

The photographs need to have a farming theme and can include the farming landscape, farm animals, farm machinery, farming life or nature and wildlife on and around a farm. Send your photographs by email (request email address via the contact form if you don’t know email address and I will send it to you) keeping the photograph attachment to a size of about 600 x 400 pixels.

Please supply some details about the photograph – the name of the person who took the photograph, when and where it was taken and what is happening in the photograph. The winning ‘Foto’ will be posted at the beginning of the following month, so you have up to the end of the month to enter.