Prolapse In Quail

Prolapse is when the insides of the laying quail comes out of the vent area. This can be treated and the quail can survive, although sometimes the prolapse is so bad that the only answer is to cull the bird.

If a quail gets a prolapse it is important to wash the area and check that the insides have not been pecked at by the other birds. Once clean, you need to push the insides back into the bird using your little finger. It is important to make sure that your fingers are clean as well as the area and insides of the quail. When pushed back inside keep you finger their for about 20 seconds and then slowly pull out. Hopeful the insides will stay inside but if they do not repeat the procedure. Sometimes the quail will continue to get a prolapse over a number of days and this is said to be not uncommon. I have read that someone had to repeat the process over 10 days but then the bird was fine.

If you are concerned about your bird then you may wish to seek veterinary advice.

I had a quail with a small prolapse today and the quail hen is now ok.