Sick Guinea Fowl

I have received an email from Ruth who has a sick guinea fowl.

We are raising guineas for the first time. Every condition seems to be by the book. However, one of our guineas seems to be dizzy – unable to walk without falling over. It is just laying there. We can’t get it to drink. We don’t know what to do – can anyone tell us what we can do? We did separate the sick one from the rest. Thanks for any help. Ruth

I sent this reply.

Hi Ruth,

I am so sorry to hear about your guinea. You didn’t say what age your guinea fowl is as different illnesses can affect birds at different ages.
I too have found it very difficult when I have a sick guinea fowl because many of the symptoms are described in a number of illnesses.
What you are describing could be coccidiosis but I am not a vet and it is difficult to tell. I recently had some poorly quail and I phoned the vet who was sure it would be coccidiosis but when we sent in a quail that had died it turned out to be trichomonasis. if you are prepared to spend money on a vet bill then you could get your vet to look at the bird or if the bird does die then you could have a post mortem done s that you know what the disease was and can treat the others.
I am sorry that my advice is not very positive.
I hope that your guinea fowl does pull through. You could try giving the sick guinea fowl some yoghurt mixed with chick crumbs or you could try to use a syringe to get water into the guinea fowl.
I would also thoroughly clean out the guinea fowl accomodation so that if the illness is in the environment then the chances of the others getting it are minimised. I would also thoroughly disinfect the water and feed containers and provide the others with fresh water and feed as regularly as possible. It is also important to try to prevent the feed from going on the floor and the guinea fowl from eating it off the floor as this can lead to illness as the birds can also eat faeces as well as the food. I am sure that you know all this.
I will keep my fingers crossed for your guinea fowl. Let me know how you get on.
Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends


If anyone has any advice for Ruth about sick guinea fowl, then please leave a comment, thanks.

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  1. We lived in Uganda Africa and raised Guinea while there. We had them fall sick when they were grown and our yard man told us to boil local dried fish and feed them the broth. Within a day they were up and walking looking quite normal. About a year later they showed the same symptoms again and sure enough a day of feeding them fish broth and they were fine. He told us that is what they use when any bird gets sick there.

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