Sow Swelling

Claire emailed me about her pregnant sow who is swelling up. 

hi sara
 well no piglets yet but thanks for getting back to me on my questions. Well 3rd august and my girl is swelling around her lady bits and still is swelling today 4th  but she is still eating and no nest building. So how long do u think she’s got with this swelling showing?
thanks for any more info
from claire

Hi Claire,

I am on tender hooks waiting for news of your pig and her piglets. What is your pig called?
When you say her lady bits are swelling do you mean the teats or around the vulva area.
When the sow is close to farrowing the teats do swell up or bag up as they fill with milk. The milk is released usually on the day or a day or two before farrowing.
The vulva area tends to go loose and saggy before farrowing so watch out for this too. There is alot of bottom watching at this time!!!

I await news of your pig and keep my fingers crossed all is well.
Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends

If you have any advice for Claire about her pregnant sow then please leave a comment, thanks.