Tips On Rearing Partridges

I received an email asking for tips on raising partridges.
Hey I have recently hatched some partridge and after 2 days on the brooder that is homemade they have started to die. I have no idea why, they all started feeding and drinking once put in the brooder. they just seem to lack strength. do you have any tips to raising partridge from a day old? I have done ducks and pheasants before and they were all successful in to adulthood.

Hi Michael,
I had a partridge chick placed in my guinea fowl keet brooder by my father-in-law when I was at work. The brooder had carpet on the floor so that the chick and keets didn’t get splayed legs. I fed them chick crumbs and gave them shredded lettuce. I placed marbles in the drinker so that the chicks could still have a drink but wouldn’t fall into the water.
I would avoid sawdust/shavings on the floor to begin with as the chicks can often peck the shavings mistaking them for food.
I think that the best litter for the floor is corrugated cardboard with straw on the top.
I hope you find this information useful, if you have any specific questions then let me know. I look forward to hearing more about your partridge.
Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends

Here is a book about Modern Partridge Farming:

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