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I received a comment asking which incubator people would recommend,

I would like to buy an incubator with my 40th birthday money. We have a smallholding that is very new, so we don’t want anything massive, something suitable for pure breed chicken eggs (maran, light sussex etc) and ducks. We inherited some geese who we were told have rarely hatched anything themselves so maybe goose eggs too? It would need to have some automatic features but I wondered what people in the know would recommend – there seem to be so many options,
Thanks Lisa

Hi Lisa,
Happy 40th Birthday.Thanks for visiting the farmingfriends website and leaving a comment.
I have the Hova Bator Model 1592 Incubator from GQF with the GQF Automatic Egg Turner which holds 42 eggs from quail to duck eggs.
I have had some good results with the incubator although sometimes the eggs have been fertile and have not hatched out. I am not sure why this is, as there are many factors that can affect this that are to do with the incubator, eggs themselves or indeed the breeding flock.
The egg turner is very useful as this means that the eggs are no longer reliant on you turning them.
This incubator and egg turner are run on electricity and can be placed neatly in a small corner of a room.
I hope this information is useful to you.
Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends

If you have an incubator that you would like to recommend then please leave a comment, thanks.

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