Guinea Fowl Poults Missing

I have 11 guinea fowl poults or so I thought! I house my guinea fowl in a large hut on a night with my chickens. I recently placed a run inside the hut with the 11 guinea fowl poults in it so that the could get used to their new surroundings and so that the other guinea fowl and hens could get used to the guinea fowl poults.

In the last week I have been been letting the guinea fowl poults out of the run and letting them spend the day in the hut with the door open and a screen across the door so that they can’t get out, or so I thought.

The screen doesn’t cover the whole door and I went out a few of the guinea fowl poults were out of the hut. I got them back in and didn’t think to count them. it was only when I went back later and put them back in their run that I realised there were only 9 and not 11 guinea fowl poults.

I did a search of the area but couldn’t find the two missing guineas. I did see some feathers and wondered if they had been taken by a fox or one of the farm cats as the guinea fowl are still only small.

As the light began to fade something caught my eye in the trees and there were the two guinea fowl poults. I wasn’t able to get them down in fact the more I tried the higher up the tree they went.

The guinea fowl remained in the tree that night and when I got up the next morning they were on the roof of the poultry hut. I was relieved when I managed to get the guinea fowl poults down from the roof and reunited with the other 9 guinea fowl.