Injured Piglet Beginning To Suckle

One of the Saddleback piglets is injured, infact during farrowing the sow bit the piglet and punctured the piglet’s face and tongue making it difficult for the piglet to breathe and suckle.

I have named the piglet Snuffles as he is breathing heavily. He was born on Monday and is nearly two days old. He has been finding it hard to suckle although he makes attempts to get the sows milk and wants to be with the other piglets.

I have been supplementing Snuffles suckling with some calf milk every few hours. Before lunch he drank a fair bit of calf milk and then started to suckle the sow so this is a great sign. Fingers crossed for a full recovery and the ability to suckle properly so I don’t have to hand rear the poor little piglet.