Local Producers Market At Market Weighton

Market Weighton has a local producers market every 3rd Saturday of the month and this  Saturday I attended my first farmer’s market with my Hugo House quail eggs.

I had to be there at 7.30am to set up my stall and I was a bit nervous as it was my first time but the stall holders around me were very friendly and helpful. The neighbouring stallholder offered my some clips to hold my table cloth down and another stallholder gave me lots of info about farmers markets in the area that I could go to.

The market opens about 9am until 1pm. It was slow to start and picked up between 10 and 12. It seemed an age before I sold my first box of quail eggs, but after the first the boxes slowly began to sell. The recipe cards that are free with a box were popular.

I was delighted to sell enought to cover the cost of the stall and make a profit. Well that’s if you don’t take into consideration all the preparation and work I did!

If you would like to buy some Hugo House Quail Eggs then why not visit the Market Weighton Local Producers Market on the 3rd Saturday of the month or alternatively contact Hugo House using the following link http://hugohouse.co.uk/contact-us/