Piglets Suckling Instincts

Did you know that as soon as piglets are born they start to suckle and hunt for the sows teats. The suckling instinct kicks in within minutes of being born.

Initially the piglets will fight for the teats and there is alot of movement between teats and then within a day they settle down and always stick to the same teat. The most dominant piglets get the best teats. Some of the piglets even get to suckle on more than one if they are canny!

 Moe from Iowavoice left a comment,

“I just watched on animal planet a story about how piglets fight pretty agressively for the teets the first time, with the dominant piglet getting the best teet, and on down the line, and how once the piglets establish who has what teet, they never change. Even if you take all of the piglets and mix them up they will all go back to “their” teets without any fighting.”

 Animal behaviour is so interesting to watch.