Ready Steady Cook On The Phone

Ready Steady Cook, the television programme phoned the other day whilst I was outside feeding the animals. Yes that’s right, the Ready Steady Cook team phoned but in true farmer fashion, I missed the call as I was feeding the animals and they had to leave a message on my answerphone saying they’d like me to appear on their programme.

After my initial surprise I began to think is someone trying to have a joke with me. I thought it might be a Radio One wind up. Anyway it’s true, they phoned back and they are inviting me to put an application in to be on the show. They asked if I would be interested in taking part in the 10 minute, challenge the chefs with a “quickie bag” of food, as the main part of the show will be a celebrity Ready Steady Cook.

In the quickie bag they would like me to bring my quail or guinea fowl eggs as they found my Hugo House website and thought that it would be interesting for the chefs to do something with quail or guinea fowl eggs as opposed to ordinary hen eggs.

I am delighted to be asked to apply for the show and am filling out my application, so fingers crossed I will be accepted and you may see me on the show very soon.