Storing Quail Eggs Before Incubation

It is important for quail eggs that are not incubated straight away, to be stored correctly.
Cracked, poorly shaped, soiled, thin shelled, unusually large or unusually small quail eggs should not be kept for incubation.
Only select clean and undamaged quail eggs for incubation.
Quail eggs should not be washed.
Try not to handle the quail eggs too frequently.
When handling quail eggs make sure that hands are washed to avoid bacterial contamination.
Before incubation, quail eggs can be stored for up to 7 days.
When storing quail eggs before incubating, make sure that they are kept at a constant temperature of 13-18 degrees Celsius or 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit.
Do not store the quail eggs at ordinary room temperature or in a refrigerator.
Avoid placing the quail eggs in a draft when in storage before incubation.
Store quail eggs with the small end facing down
Try to keep the quail eggs at the correct humidity prior to incubation which is a humidity of 84-88%.
Make sure the stored quail eggs are turned twice daily before they are incubated.
Keep the stored quail eggs in an egg carton and prop up one end at a 35 degree angle.
Hope this information helps. I have followed this information myself and had guinea fowl and quail eggs hatch out.