Tree Of Happiness Award

I am delighted to receive the Tree Of Happiness Award from Louise over at This Is My Patch.

The rules are to list six things (I’m going to list eight things as I don’t want to leave any out) which make you happy, and the animals on my farm make me happy so I will introduce you to them in no particular order.

  1. The farm cats. I currently have 5 farm cats called Snowy, Fluffy, Snowball, Spot and Stripe who I adore. I love the way they greet me in a morning and want to rub heads with me to acknowledge that I am their friend and I love the way that their tails bob up in the air as they pass by and I say hello to them.
  2. The hens. I love Hatty the white leghorn hen who is the farm hen and has such a great character and bosses me and the guinea fowl who have been her poultry pals until the arrival of the new hens this summer. The new hens are also strongwilled and will only go into the hut when they are ready! It makes me happy when the hens run across the yard to greet me when they think that I have some food for them.
  3. The guinea fowl. I enjoy watching the guinea fowl flock together and the joy of hatching guinea fowl and the cute little keets is just fantastic.
  4. Guiness the Guinea Pig. It makes me happy when I pass by guiness’ cage and he squeaks at me. He is often trying to tell me that he wants some more food, or a treat of vegetables or fruit.
  5. The pigs. My two Saddleback sows Cagney and Lacy have produced wonderful piglets that I have reared and nursed when poorly, had fun with and become exasperated when they wouldn’t do as they were told. They have given me ours of fun and I am happy in the knowledge that my pigs have led a happy life and have been well looked after and even pampered.
  6. The quail. These birds are beautiful, quiet creatures with a lovely call and dainty bodies. They make me happy when they are healthy and laying their beautifully marked eggs.
  7. The ducks. A relatively new addition to the farm but the 7 khaki campbell ducks I have are real characters. I am happy to see them splashing about in the paddling pool I have filled for them and I love the way they comically waddle across the yard.
  8. The cattle. The cattle on the farm, although not my responsibility make me happy when it is calving time and I get to witness the birth of a beautiful calf who miraculously gets up and starts suckling within the first few hours. Truely joyful.

Now the Tree of Happiness has to be passed to bloggers that make me happy. I choose:


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( I would choose Nikkipolani but Louise has already mentioned this website and This is my Patch who nominated me!)