Building Your Own Poultry Egg Incubator

You can make your own incubator using a cardboard box, wood or a polystyrene box and a heat lamp and making your own wet bulb for the humidity.  I was going to build my own poultry egg incubator but then a friend recommended  a Covina incubator for hatching my poultry eggs, as she had hatched 3 batches last year and hatched 19 out of 20 eggs set!

We have tried the Covina with bantom, quail and guinea fowl eggs and so far we’ve had approximately an 85 percent hatch rate.  Due to that success rate we never built our own incubator – we didn’t think we’d be able to get the necessary temperature control without spending an awful lot of money on a thermostatically controlled heating unit.  All in all we thought the Covina wouldn’t cost much more money than a DIY incubator and would do a better job – and so far it has.  However, when we were looking into building one we found the resources below.

Check out these links:

If anyone has any tips on how to build your own poultry egg incubator or if you have done so and had good results then please leave a comment below.

12 Egg Poultry Incubator
Covina 12 Egg Incubator

If you are interested in incubating and hatching poultry eggs then check out the farmingfriends hen forum for the latest chat about incubating and hatching and then check out the books shown below which are informative and excellent for the beginner and a handy reference for those with more experience of incubating and hatching eggs.

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    I am completely in love with chickens . But I realize that marriage between man and chickens is considered weird, so I will just keep raising them on my backyard 🙂

  2. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for the information. it’s good to know that you can use the hovabator for pheasant eggs.
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