Coccidiosis In Guinea Fowl

What Is Coccidiosis? 
Coccidiosis is a common parasitic disease of poultry which affects the digestive tract.

Ruffled feathers.
Head drawn back into shoulders.
A chilled appearance.
Milky white diarrhea which may have blood in it.
If not treated can lead to mortality.
Die at night.

Coccidiosis is caused by a protozoan parasite (coccidia).
Poultry are exposed to the protozoan parasite via damp conditions, their droppings, dirty drinkers and damp litter in their huts.
Coccidia thrives in damp conditions such as damp litter and is found in guinea fowl droppings.
Coccidia can also be found in water that is not kept clean and free of guinea fowl droppings.
Separate affected poultry and use medicated feed and water.
Use of coccidiostats.
Keeping poultry on a wire floor where their droppings can fall through.
Feeding coccidiostats in the growing diet can help the poultry to build up an immunity to coccidiosis.