Farewell To Four Guinea Fowl

A few days ago we had a phone call asking if we had any guinea fowl for sale as the caller had now got only one guinea fowl hen left.

Although I do get attached to my guinea fowl and am often reluctant to sell them, we knew the caller and so decided we would help them and their lonely guinea fowl.

The family came tonight after nightfall and we headed for the guinea hut in the dark, armed with torches. I was a bit apprehensive as I didn’t want my “royal family” of guinea fowl, my original trio, Charlie, Camilla and Diana and their entourage duo who are now Harriet and Wilhemina!! to be picked out in the dark by accident.

The family decided they would like 4 guineas so we managed to pick out a 1 year old male and female guinea fowl and then 2 young ones and although the young ones are about 12 weeks old they are still difficult to sex as their wattles are not fully grown and they are not calling out frequently enough for me to know for certain their gender. 

I am pleased that the guinea fowl are going to a good home. The family were interested in the guinea fowl and the hens and obviously cared enough about their remaining guinea fowl to go to the trouble of finding some guinea fowl to keep her company.

I just hope that we didn’t pick out any of the “royal family” of guinea fowl! I’ll let you know.