How Long Does It Take Quail Eggs To Hatch

I am often asked how long it takes quail eggs to hatch.

The incubation period for bobwhite quail eggs is 23-24 days. Here is a link to information on incubating bobwhite quail eggs
The incubation period for Coturnix (Japanese) quail eggs is 17 days. Here is a link for information about incubating japanese quail eggs.

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2 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take Quail Eggs To Hatch”

  1. Hi Kassie,
    Welcome to the farmingfriends website and thanks for your comment.
    I have heard that japanese quail don’t tend to sit on their eggs very often.
    A broody chicken can hatch quail eggs although the only thing to watch for is that the hen doesn’t smother the quail chick when it hatches as the quail chick will be so small.
    Usually the hen will keep sitting if she thinks the other eggs are fertile and I have read that the hen can feel movement in the eggs so will keep sitting.
    Quail eggs take about 17 days to hatch and hen eggs take 21 days.
    Just to let you know that I have a free forum with a section on quail that you may find interesting.
    Kind regards
    sara @ farmingfriends

  2. Hello I’v Got Japnese Quails And When they Lay there Eggs They Never Sit on Them for some Reason So I had an idea How to Hatch the Eggs and Hope it Works, Well i Got Chickens and 1 of them is Broody So i took her Eggs And put them with her in a Cage by her Self And now she is Sitting on her Eggs so Then i Took one Fresh Japnes Quail Egg and Put it next to her in the nest with her Eggs then 10 min Later she Pushed the Egg with her Wings and Put it under her Would it Hatch if a Broody Chicken Sits on it with Other Chicken Eggs is that Alright????? If the Japnes Quail Eggs hatch Before the Chicken Eggs would she reject her eggs becoz they hav’nt hatch yet?

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