How To Tell If A Duck Egg Is Fertilised

A way to tell if a duck egg is fertilised and if a chick is growing inside is to candle the egg.

Candling is a way of checking the fertility of an egg and the development of the embryo, with the use of a light source in a darkened room. In a darkened room, carefully hold the egg up to the light to observe the contents of the egg.

Please note that duck eggs will only be fertile if the ducks are with a drake.

Click on this link for more information about candling an egg to see if the egg is fertilised.

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  1. Hi can you help with a little advice: I am from the city and have moved out to the country. We have acquired 2 white ducks (both have a nest of eggs) and 2 male mallard ducks. My question is: the one white duck has been on her nest for 3 weeks, when will the hatching begin? I have read about the candling but she will not get off her nest and I do not want to disturb or upset her. Could you give me some information on how long she is suppose to do this. I have seen a egg or two that she has taken from her nest and both eggs were broken. She continues to build her nest up to keep her eggs warm.
    wait and see

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