Ready Steady Cook Filming

Yesterday I went to London, accompanied by my parents, to feature in Ready Steady Cook with my Hugo House quail eggs. What an exciting time I had. The Ready Steady Cook team looked after us brilliantly and Ainsley and the two chefs, Lesley Waters and Aldo Zilli, were very friendly and put my nerves at ease.

The new series is a celebrity series and I feature in the 10 minute challenge the chefs part of the show. I got to chat to Ainsley about my challenge and the animals on the farm and then after the cooks had prepared the dishes I got to taste the food, which was delicious.

It was very interesting to see how the show was put together and I got lots of great recipe ideas for using quail eggs.

I’ll let you know when the show is to be aired but at the moment I don’t know when that will be, so watch this space for news about Ready Steady Cook.