Cats Have A Third Eyelid

Cats have a third eyelid in the inner corner of each eye that acts as a protective screen in case the eye gets damaged.

Yesterday I noticed that Stripe’s third eyelid was showing more than usual. I have had a look in my book about cat’s and it says that the third eyelid becomes visible if the cat is ill or stressed.

Stripe has been following me about alot in the last few days and miaowing alot which may be a sign that he is not well although I am pleased to say that he is eating as well as he normally does.

If he is not ill then it could be stress because for some reason Fluffy does not get on with Stripe anymore. I am feeding Stripe away from the other cats so that he gets enough food and so that Fluffy doesn’t chase him away. I have no idea why Fluffy has suddenly taken a dislike to Stripe but always having to watch his back may be stressing Stripe out, I know it would me.

In the photo you can see what I think is the third eyelid but this was taken a month ago and it is showing alot more now. I think that I might phone the vet up and see what they have to say if the eyes don’t return to normal in the next day or two.