Feeding Cider Pulp To Pigs

I was asked recently if you could feed cider pulp to pigs,

Hi Sara
I have some experience of keeping pigs and the various feed options etc. However today I have been offered some residue from cider making. I have no idea whether this would be good for my pigs or not – they love apples and I give them apples whenever I have some spare (which is quite often at this time of the year). But the residue is quite a large quantity and I am worried it might be harmful in some way. Do you know about this? Many thanks. Anne

Hi Anne,
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I, like you, have no experience of feeding cider pulp to pigs. I do, like you, feed my pigs apples but am careful not to give them too many as it can affect them and I also make sure that I don’t give them any that are strating to go rotten as these can affect their tummies and make them sick.
I have googled feeding cider pulp to pigs and found out that the residue which is dry and is called pummies or pomace can be fed to pigs and cattle.
In the Keeping Pigs book by Tony York, it recommends “If you are feeding your pigs fresh fruit and vegetables they will be of greater benefit fed in between normal meals.” 

I assume however that the pulp will not be seen as fresh fruit but you may want to feed in between meals but just make allowances for the amount of pulp fed to your pigs. The Torre Cider farm give their pigs and piglets apple pulp so you may  want to contact them and ask for advice. Here are their details:

“Cider Making

Torre Cider Farm,


TA23 0LA

 (01984) 640004 

Open daily 9am – 5.30pm


Come along to this working cider farm and experience the cider making process. You will be able to see cider apples being delivered, crushed and having the juice extracted. Get involved and taste the juice or cider. Children can take a handful of the waste apple pulp to feed our Gloucester Old Spots pig and her gorgeous piglets.”
I hope this information helps and let me know how you get on.
Just to let you know that I recently set up a forum which is free to join and has a pig section that you may find interesting. 
Kind regards
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Anne contacted Torre Cider Farm and they told her about the Cider Pulp,

Hi again Sara
I got through to Torre Cider Farm and discovered that the pulp doesn’t keep more than a few days and you cannot feed too much  to the pigs anyway because they get drunk!  So I have decided  against accepting the pulp I was offered.  It is evidently very  difficult to get rid of the waste pulp and I don’t want to land myself with a problem – I have enough of those!!  I am trying to  source a nearby Gloucester Old Spot
Boar to cover two of my sows –  any ideas how I can track one down that is not too far away from  Hemyock?  (Where are you farming?) 
Many thanks again for all your help.  I love the idea of ‘farming  friends’ It is just
what we all need – us small-holders!
Kind regards

Cider Pulp can be fed to pigs but only in small quantities as the apple can affect the pigs. The cider pulp doesn’t keep very long so it is important to make sure that you don’t feed the pigs cider pulp that has gone off as this will make the pigs ill.

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  1. Hi – Cider pulp will NOT get your piggies drunk, thats a myth!.. “Cider” pulp is squshed apples with no alcohol content if it was the apple juice in your fridge would also get you drunk! The fermentation process will not have started. This pulp will be fine for your piggies, however not too much as it will cause scouring – it it does only keep for a couple of days – they will however love it!

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