How To Identify The Gender Of A Chick

It isn’t very easy to identify the gender of young chicks but there are a number of ways to do so.
Cloacal, or vent sexing is one method although this method is not easy to do without proper training and experience. This method involves examining the baby chicken’s vent, located under its tail, looking for a genital organ. If the genital organ is present in the vent, it will resemble a small pimple and the chicken is a cockerel/rooster.
Length of feathers and colour of feathers is also a way of sexing chicks in certain breeds. By looking at the feathers in hens, the primary and secondary feathers are noticeably different in size but cockerels/roosters have uniform-sized feathers.
Commercial chicks have been breed so that their gender can be identified by the colour of their feathers – Hens are typically white and cockerels/roosters are a dusty brown.