Local Producers Market

Every third Saturday of the month, the local town of Market Weighton has a Local Producers Market from 9am to about 1pm. I have recently started to take any surplus Quail Eggs I have to the market. Today was my third market stall and the eggs sold well. I don’t know if this was because I am beginning to establish a trade at the market as regulars come to find me and the quail eggs or whether it was because my friend Sue came to keep me company and has a great ability to sell.

Although standing at a market stall can be cold and lonely, I like to watch the people as they wander about the market chatting to folks they know. They best part about doing a market stall is the comradery of the stall holders. The local veg stall holder was late arriving this morning so I offered my help in setting up as I had finished setting out my stall.

When the market had finished at lunch time the veg stall holder offered me some potatoes and veg for my help. I didn’t offer my assistance thinking that I would get any veg for my efforts. Although I said that I didn’t want any thing in return for my help he insisted so I got a bag of king edwards and a lovely savoy cabbage. I was very grateful and will be recommending their veg to local folk in future.