Locating Guinea Fowl Hatching Eggs In The US

I am often asked where guinea fowl hatching eggs can be bought in the US.

I believe that McMurray Hatchery sells guinea fowl.

Another good place to locate guinea fowl hatching eggs and find info about them in the US is the www.guineafowl.com website, they have a breeders section where you can locate breeders in different states.

The Guinea Fowl International Association has a Breeders List on their website at: http://www.guineafowlinternational.org/breeders. Some of the breeders sell (and ship) hatching eggs.

If anyone knows of other good breeders of guinea fowl in the US that sell guinea fowl hatching eggs, then please leave a comment.

If you are thinking of getting guinea fowl eggs for hatching then an informative and interesting eBook that you may find useful is the Incubating, Hatching And Raising guinea Fowl Keets eBook.

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