Newborn Piglets

When your piglets are born they require;


  • Heat from a heat lamp that is usually placed away from the sow.
  • An area away from their mother so that she does not lay or stand on them.
  • Milk from the sow as soon as possible after birth so that they get the sows colostrum and can build up their immune system.
  • A warm, draft free area so that they keep warm and so that the milk that they drink is used for growth and strength rather than for keeping them warm.
  • Straw or bedding on the ground so that they keep warm.

When the piglets are a day or two old they require;

  • A dose of iron which can be given in the form of an injection.
  • Teeth to be clipped to prevent them from damaging the sows teats and biting other piglets.

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  1. My pig just had 10 piglets. My dad said to just leave them alone and let the sow take care of them. Its just that the pen that the sow is staying in isn’t fit for piglets. What should I do.

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