Saddleback Piglets Growing Fast

Cagney and Lacy’s third litter of piglets are growing fast. Lacy’s piglets are now nearly 7 weeks old and Cagney’s piglets are nearly 6 weeks old.

The piglets love rooting in the straw and it is a bit like watching a rugby scrum as they do so. The piglets are still being fed by the sows but their diet is now being supplemented with pig pellets, apples and sugar beet which they love to munch on. It is interesting to see that Cagney feeds her piglets whilst standing up and Lacy feeds hers by laying down.

I have 17 saddleback piglets this time and 15 are gilts (female pigs) and 2 are boars (male pigs). Only one of the piglets can not be registered as a pedigree Saddleback because she doesn’t have a full saddle of pinky white flesh across her back and shoulders.