Saddleback Weaners For Sale

On Sunday I sold 6 of my 17 Saddleback weaners. I had weaned 8 of the piglets on Saturday and then Sunday morning was spent tagging the piglets before the 6 weaners where chosen by their new owners.

One lady had bought Saddleback weaners from me before and fattened the weaners. She enjoyed the pork, sausages and bacon so much that she wanted to get another two

weaners for fattening. As you can imagine I am delighted, what better testimony than a repeat customer. She chose 2 gilts, one with a saddle and the only one of the 17 that didn’t have a full saddle that I had been calling Blacky. She was a lovely curious piglet, the only one that had ventured out of the pig barn when I opened the door. I will miss her.

The other couple came from Bradford and wanted gilts as they may decide to breed but where unsure. They arrived before we had tagged the piglets and watched the tagging. I don’t think it put them off as they happily took the piglets.

So the 8 weaners are now down to 2 and later this week the other 9 Saddleback piglets belonging to Cagney will be weaned, tagged and ready for sale.

If anyone is interested in Saddleback weaners in the York to Hull area, then you can contact me using the contact form below. You can click on this link for more information about the Saddleback weaners.

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  1. Hi,

    I am looking for a couple of weaners to bring on and fatten – do you have any available in the next few weeks? If so how much would they be?


  2. Hi Esther,
    Thanks for your enquiry re piglets, unfortunately I don’t have any pigs at the moment. My
    husband’s cousin bought some of my pigs a year or so back and they have got an Oxford Sandy Boar so they will be having piglets, not sure of the date. Obviously they would be an oxford sandy cross with saddleback. I can put you intouch with them if you are interested. They are based near Pocklington.

    I also know some farmers sons that have a selection of saddlebacks where I used to hire the boar from and I can also put you in touch with them. They are near York.

    I also have a neighbour and he has quite a few different breeds and I can put you in
    touch with him as well, he always seems to have piglets.

    Let me know what you might be interested and I can pass on the relevant details.

    Kind regards

    Sara @ farmingfriends

  3. Hi, i am interested in buying a saddleback piglet, and wondered if this was up to date, and that there are still some left for sale. Is this in the newcastle area? i would appreciate if you could reply soon, thanks 🙂

  4. Hi

    I am interested in buying some piglets for fattening. I live in the Harroagte area and am wondering if you know anyone who may have any for sale in our area.



  5. Hi Kayleigh,
    Thanks for your enquiry about piglets. Unfortunately I don’t have any at the moment. If
    you are located in the York to Hull area then I may know some other farmers who have
    weaners for sale. Let me know where you are located if you are still looking for piglets.

    Kind regards

    Sara @ farmingfriends

  6. Hi,
    I am after purchasing 4 weaners, preferabley gilts, they do not need to be pedigree registered stock. Do you have any available that were bron end of may start of june time?!
    If you do have some ready we are able to collect next weekend,
    Kind Regards,
    Kayleigh Willett
    Farnsfeild rare breeds

  7. Hi I am wanting to buy 2 gilts for my small holding/alotment could you tell me if you have any availabe at present, if so could you tell me a little more about their pedigree please. If you have some ready now I can collect asap call me on 07902974238.

  8. Hi Ben,

    I have just tried to email you be it keeps returning.

    Back in January you left a message on my website regarding two saddleback gilts that you were wanting for breeding. Unfortunately at the time I thought that I had sold my gilts and I left you a message on my website saying that I was trying to get hold of a neighbour to check I could give out his address as I thought that he might have some gilts, but he never got back to me.

    Anyway I was wondering if you managed to get fixed up as the prospective buyer I had let me down and has only just let me know.

    If you are still wanting two gilts then mine are registered as pedigree and I have the paper work and they are now 22 weeks old. I have 7 to choose from and one is 23 weeks old today and the other 6 are all 22 weeks old. They have excellent colouring and saddles.

    I live in Bielby near Pocklington. If you are interested then you are welcome to come and view the pigs and see the sows that farrowed them as well.

    Let me know if your are already sorted or if you would like to come and view the pigs.My apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

  9. Hi Ben,
    I don’t have any gilts at the moment as I have just sold mine and they are going this week. I have contacted a neighbour who lives near York, who definately has some gilts and I have phoned him to check if I can give out his phone number but he wasn’t answering. As soon as I know I will contact you.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

  10. hi

    i wondered if anyone can supply me with any pigs but i do not want any hybird ones i want some that i can breed with so i would like 2 gilts or a mother with piglets or even 2 in pig i live in just past york but i would not mind traveling 1 hour away from york if you have any can you contact me at

    thanx ben

  11. Hi Derek,
    Yes I can supply you with breeding gilts that are Saddleback birth notified. I will email details.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

  12. Can anyone supply me with some breeding stock?. I am looking to buy saddlebacks,glouster old spots and tamworth,i am in Newcastle Upon Tyne but will travel.Must have pedigree papers.

  13. I am wanting to buy saddleback weaners to breed from, they must be pedigree with papers and unrelated.My friend wants some aswell,we will probably want to buy eight gilts and two boars.I have holding number and herd number,will it be allright to use a horsebox to transport them? when can you supply us with them?

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