Weaning Piglets

Today we have weaned 8 Saddleback piglets from the sow. Lacy, one of my Saddleback sows had piglets 8 weeks ago on this coming Monday. The piglets are all a good size and have been eating creep feed since week two so they are used to eating away from the sow.

We waited till feeding time and when the sows were distracted we moved the larger 8 piglets that belong to Lacy into the neighbouring pen. Usually we move the sows but the litters are a week apart this time so we decided to move the older pilgets which are approaching 8 weeks old.

Tomorrow I have two people coming to view and hopefully buy some weaners. One lady has bought Saddleback weaners from me before and fattened the weaners. She enjoyed the pork, sausages and bacon so much that she wanted to get another two weaners for fattening. As you can imagine I am delighted, what better testimony than a repeat customer. So by the end of tomorrow the 8 weaners could be down to 2.

I have another 9 piglets that will be 7 weeks old on Tuesday and they will be weaned next weekend. Cagney farrowed a week after Lacy because she had mastitis. It was touch and go for Cagney but I am delighted that she pulled through as she is one of the most gentle pigs you could ever wish to meet. I then had to decide if we should keep her as a breeding sow as her teats may have been damaged. Obviously I decided to keep her and it was the right decision.

When the piglets are weaned or before they are weaned, they need to be tagged. This is not a job that my husband and I relish as the piglets don’t like being held. it isn’t the tagging so much as being held that they object to. As my pigs are pedigree Saddlebacks I tag the boars from the litter first and then the gilts. All the piglets need their teats counting as the number of teats on a pig is important when considering a pig for breeding purposes.

It is amazing to see that all 8 piglets that were weaned today are exactly the same size. There are 7 gilts (female pigs) and 1 boar. Only one of the females doesn’ have a full saddle and therefore cannot be registered as a pedigree Saddleback. If you are interested in my Saddleback weaners then click on this link for more information. http://www.farmingfriends.com/saddleback-weaners-for-sale/