Why Do Quail Chicks Die After Hatching?

I was recently asked why quail chicks die after hatching,

we tried to hatch quail eggs in class and when the hatched they all died. we are trying to find out why they died. we know three of them drown, that was our fault but the rest of them just died. do you know what we did wrong? e-mail us back please.


megan and sydney

Your class must be very exciting with hatching quail. I am sorry to hear that they died. You can stop them from drowning by putting marbles or pebbles in the drinker so that they can still get the water but won’t fall in and drown. They can also die of starve outs or dehydration when they don’t get enough food or water. Did you have heat in the brooder because the quail need to have a heat lamp and litter on the floor such as sawdust or straw to stop them slipping and getting splayed legs. I prefer straw as they don’t try to eat the straw as they can mistake sawdust for food.
I hope that you have another go at hatching and that you have success as quail are delightful birds. Have you tried ducks as I have found out of guinea fowl, quail and ducks that hatching ducklings was the easiest and that the ducklings are quite hardy.
Let me know if you do anymore hatching or need anymore help.

Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends