Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 31/12/08

I have had the flu all over Christmas and I am just beginning to feel better so it has not been so bad doing the livestock chores.

Cats – Stripe is still missing. Hope he turns up soon. Spot is getting more and more friendly.

Cattle – My husband has been feeding the cattle on his own today as my father-in-law is now coming down with the flu.

Ducks – Tonight the ducks went into their hut first time, phew. I think this is because it is very cold and becoming misty. Got 5 duck eggs today.

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl have started to venture up the lane. I hope this doesn’t become a habit, the other day they were heading towards the village!

Guinea Pig – Guiness the guinea pig calls out when his bowl needs filling with food – what a clever animal!

Hens – Hatty the hen is thriving and seems to like the other hens. She doesn’t hang about with the guinea fowl anymore. Had a poorly hen which sadly died this afternoon. Hen count is at 13 + Hatty. Struggling to find where the hens are laying.

Pigs – I don’t know if Lacy is in pig yet, as there were some strange noises coming from the pig barn this morning. The weaners are now 14 and 15 weeks old. They are growing well and love to eat fodder beat.

Quail – The 13 Japanese quail that I hatched myself this year that live in my aviary have recently started to lay. I got one egg from them. The barn reared quail have taken to nesting on straw really well. This morning most of the quail where at the side of the barn where I have been trialling the straw flooring.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?! Happy New Year!