Farm, Waste Plastic Solutions

It has been illegal to burn or bury waste plastic produced on farms since the introduction of the new Agricultural Waste Regulations in 2006.  The majority of the waste plastic from the farm is from silage bales, with smaller amounts from straw bales, fertiliser bags and empty agrochemical containers.  We have been sending the plastic to landfill using the local authority bin service, but obviously this is not the most desirable solution from an environmental stand-point.  We have found some information from UK Waste Solutions which is recommending compacting the waste plastic by baling it and then selling the plastic.

There are several companies in the UK that will take farm waste plastic, but they all charge for this service.  UK Waste Solutions suggest that by separating the plastic types and then compacting, it is possible to actually sell the plastic.  This is something we shall be looking into, as currently the farm is paying to have it taken away.  It may be necessary to collaborate with neighbouring farmers so that we have a sufficient volume of plastic for the recycling companies to collect.