Sick Hen With Green Droppings

Yesterday I went to the poultry hut to let my hens and guinea fowl out and one of the hens stayed sitting in the straw. when I looked cloer she wasn’t very well. She was listless, with fluffed up feathers and her eyes kept closing. When I picked her up she had greeny white diarrhea. My hen is off her food and water. I have given her plenty of straw and placed it all around her to keep her warm.

She was no better today and I am beginning to get worried about her. Tonight her breathing was laboured so I don’t know if she will make it through the night. I am keeping my fingers crossed, although she is getting old. I was given these hens from my neighbours who were finding it too much to manage the hens.

It is always really difficult when a hen is sick as many of the illnesses have the same symptoms but I think the droppings are a good indication as to what might be wrong. I have googled green droppings and found an excellent site that looks at the colour of poultry droppings.

If she is no better in the morning then I think that I will call my vet, although I think the hen is too sick at the moment to go to the vets.

If anyone has any knowledge of poultry illnesses then I would appreciate any advice.